Water Gardens: A Soothing Home Retreat

Water gardens are both beautiful to look at and soothing to listen to. It's the only landscape element that contains sound. You can alter the types of sounds you hear by placing small flat rocks on the spillways and waterfalls to create "gurgling" or splashing effects.

Blue Heron, Windham NH Forget the Heron decoy!

Many different types of birds and wildlife are attracted to ponds in New Hampshire, including Blue Herons. But beware! Blue Herons enjoy snacking on Koi. Some people think that placing an "imposter" at the water's edge will discourage other herons from invading their space. Even though Blue herons are territorial, the one pictured here is obviously looking for a dinner companion!
  Photo by Danielle Durocher  
Aquatic plants and fish add life to your pond. Having fish like Koi and floating plants actually help to decrease the amount of algae that grows in your pond. Algae propagates when the pond receives a lot of direct sunlight. It is a good idea to select a part sun/part shade area for installing your pond. Beneficial bacteria can also be added to compete with the algae for the protein (food) in the water.
Water gardens are the only landscape element that contain sound.

Catching frogsKids Love Ponds Too!

Water gardens also provide a terrific learning environment and hours of fun exploration for children. Kids enjoy learning about tadpoles becoming frogs, caring for fish, discovering aquatic plants and many other types of wildlife.

It is certainly worth noting that ponds can also pose a hazard to small children. Adult supervision of children is absolutely essential. As an alternative, "pondless waterfalls" can be created for sound enjoyment without having to deal with either the danger or maintenance requirements of water gardens.




Water Gardens installed in Derry, Windham, Londonderry, Manchester, Bedford, Hudson,
Hollis and Nashua, New Hampshire.