Living Architecture

NH Plantings

Selection is Everything

Plants are "living architecture". Unlike flower arrangements, landscape plants grow and change as they mature. A good design includes the practical as well as the aesthetic selection of plants. After 25 years of pruning landscape plants, I've come to appreciate the importance of the "right plant" in the "right place".

We design and hand select unique and interesting plants based on our clients' preferences. Plants are obtained from a large network of nurseries in New England. The wide selection allows us flexibility in pricing due to the variety of sizes, everything from 1 gallon pots to 6" caliper trees.

After the material has been selected, it is carefully installed. We dig extra wide holes and backfill with good soil and include a root stimulant to insure that the plant gets off to a good start. As the old axiom goes, "put a $50 plant in a $100 hole."

Because of New Hampshire's harsh winters, proper landscape plant care is critical. Most plant material that dies does so during the first year in its new environment. The plants we install are handled with care to insure the greatest possible chance for survival. We offer a one-year, no-hassle guarantee on plants.

We strongly encourage our customers to put their plants on a spray care program with a qualified technician. An automated irrigation system, preferably with drip lines under the mulch, is absolutely essential. Regular watering can literally double the growth of landscape plants as well as making them stronger to resist stressful conditions. New Hampshire based irrigation company Anrik Irrigation offers state-of-the-art irrigation systems and superb service.

We highly recommend that you hire us for annual shrub pruning to protect your plants from common but harmful pruning techniques. During this visit, the overall health of your plants will be assessed and we can monitor the effectiveness of your tree and shrub spraying program.


Plant design services available in Derry, Windham, Londonderry, Manchester, Bedford, Hudson,
Hollis and Nashua, New Hampshire.