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Good communication between customer and snowplowing driver is essential to making sure you're getting your money's worth. You are not paying for snowplowing, you are paying for a snowplowing service. Be sure that you communicate your expectations to your snowplowing service provider.  You should have a contract that is signed and dated by both parties. The contract clearly defines what is expected and it protects the customer and provider.


Snow depthSome snowplowing services do not plow the driveways if storms are less than 3 inches. This can be a problem with a 3 inch slush storm that is followed by two weeks of freezing temperatures.


Plowing rates are sometimes based on snow depth, or per trip/per storm. Shoveling and ice melt (if available from your provider) are usually additional charges. Be sure to understand your plowing rate and what it will cost seasonally for your snow removal service.


Availability - Find out if your snowplow driver is available throughout the storm. You should have a cell phone number to be able to call your driver during a storm. Is it a 24-hour service, or somebody just looking to make a few bucks in his spare time? An insurance binder should be available to you upon request.


Timing - The timing of plowing driveways depends upon several things. The depth and density of the snow, street plowing, and contract pricing are all factors in how often your snow plow driver visits your driveway. As a snowplowing service provider, we try to be sensitive to our customers budget, but also maintain the driveways in such a way that our customers can leave for work without getting stuck. A plow route may take three or more hours to complete after the storm is over and the town plows drop their make the final push.








Snowplowing services available in Hudson, New Hampshire.

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