Brick Walkways

Your walkway goes beyond curb appeal. It is a personal invitation to those who come to call.

The preferred building material is by far brick or concrete pavers. A wide variety of colors and patterns allow the designer maximum creativity. Whether a traditional 4" x 8" clay brick or a modular contemporary plaza stone is required, clay brick or concrete pavers fit the bill. We will also help you select a color and Hollis NH Walkwaypattern that complements your home. 


W A R N I N G !

There are many popular wrong ways to install a walkway. Stone dust does not drain well and will likely shift and separate over time.

Walkway Construction: The Base is Key

What is more significant than paver color and style is the base construction. Because brick walkways are a porous pavement, they are more susceptible to water absorbtion and and freeze-thaw cycles. For this reason, all loam materials must be removed to a minimum depth of 7". The foundation for the walkway needs to be a compactible aggregate material made of sand and stone. The bedding sand layer (only 1" deep) is middle-grade sand. It's commonly known as concrete sand. The spaces between paver bricks are manufactured for this type of sand. Stone dust should NEVER be used as it doesn't drain well and does not adequately fill the paver joints. L.A. Bartlett Landscapes typically provide a 6" aggregate base under our bedding sand and pavers.

Compaction and drainage are critical elements of building the walkway's base. The landscape industry is not subject to building codes that legally enforce the correct way to build a walkway. L.A. Bartlett Landscapes installs brick and concrete pavers in strict adherence to the standards set forth by the International Concrete Paver Institute (ICPI). Our work is backed with an outstanding 3-year guarantee against base failure. See for additional information about walkway installation.



Walkway installation services available in Derry, Windham, Londonderry, Manchester, Bedford, Hudson,
Hollis and Nashua, New Hampshire